Thursday, June 11, 2009

Art's Story --- What MEM-X means to me

"My name is Art Snow and I live in Harrisburg, PA I have vascular dementia. After having had a stroke on the job in Aug 2000, I lost my memory. I lost the ability to read and recall what a have read. I now have a good memory of the past but the present still seems to disappear shorty after the event, so I live on past memories.
I really like my MEM-X,it has been a great help.

At 11:00AM: It reminds me that it is time to check my blood sugar, take my insulin shots and my meds.

11:30AM: It reminds me to take my meds if I did not already do that.

1:00PM: My MEM-X tells me it is time to get something to eat; I have a habit of forgetting to eat.

4:00PM: It tells me to recheck my sugar, this lets me know what I can have on not have for supper or snacks.

11:00PM: My MEM-X tells me it is time to check my blood sugar and take my meds.

It is almost like having my wife home to tell me what to do and when.

My wife Virginia has her own consulting and nursing business. It takes her out of the house to care for her elderly clients, As I tell everyone she is one of the best in Pennsylvania in elder and Alzheimer's care and she really is.

The doctor gave me 4-5 years to live in 2000, because of the dementia, with Virginia's help and my PC I am still here and doing better than the month before.
The MEM-X unit has been of great help. I take my meds on a more timely bases and don't forget to check my blood sugar and to eat. More important the messages are in Virginia's voice so I feel a sense of warmth when I listen to it.

MEM-X is easy to program and even easier to operate. When the alarm goes off all I have to do is press the big blue button and there is my wife's voice.

MEM-X runs on a single AAA battery and it is easy to change and you do not lose the messages when you change the battery

MEM-x is a bit expensive however I feel that it has paid for itself in a matter of a very few months.

We can also get you a MEM-X as we sell them for Bob for MEM-X.
You can reach us at of you have any questions"

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